Eric Lane Lumberjack pt. 2

Arguably the best Lumberjack audition with a director and special effects and cuts, has provided us with a great second cut of his audition. This time we can see the full body, his weight, and his height. He may not tower over Melissa like some of the other auditions, but he certainly has the power and the muscles to challenge Supergirl in a great battle. On another note, many people have felt poorly about the choice of The Lumberjack as the first villain. As for our opinion, they couldn't have chosen better. The Lumberjack has a small history with Wonder Woman and the DC universe, but he isn't a Lex Luthor. This gives a unique opportunity, this villain can literally be destroyed. You think Superman, who was raised on this planet and told to hold back with his powers hits hard, wait until Supergirl unleashes her power. We think she will literally obliterate him because she doesn't know her own strength. This is a very exciting time and we can't wait for more Supergirl information. Thanks for being a fan and visiting It means the most to us that you trust us as your news source for this SUPER new show!

Watch the video here

Please, tell us your thoughts on The Lumberjack as the first villain. Are we right in our analysis of what Supergirl can do to him? Comment below!

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