Episode 1: Cat & Kara

Possible Scene from Episode 1:

Well this scene, if shown, is all about that GIRL POWER! Also addresses the Super "Girl" over Super "Woman" moniker.

Kara Danvers: Did you see the homepage?

Cat Grant: See it? I pressed send myself.

Kara Danvers: What? Supergirl? We can’t name her that.

Cat Grant: ‘WE’ didn’t.

Kara Danvers: No I, I just mean this is important the idea of her, a female hero. I mean, we should give her a significant name.

Cat Grant: Oh so not Supergirl, what would you call her?

Kara Danvers: I guess, shouldn’t she be Superwoman. I mean she is the most powerful woman in the world. Super “Girl” seems kind of diminutive, right?

Cat Grant: What? I couldn’t hear you over the noisy pattern of your cheap skirt.

Kara Danvers: Listen to me, please, if we call her Supergirl, something less than who she is, aren’t we guilty of misogyny, of being reductive, of anti-feminist subjugation.

Cat Grant: Are you done honey? Because you have the entire alphabet dribbling down your chin.

Kara Danvers: I’m just saying we’re women in the media, we have an even greater responsibility to do right by her. If we call her Supergirl, aren’t we just part of the problem?

Cat Grant: You know about as much about branding as you do about getting a decent Yerba Mate. What do you think the media is Kara (Pronounced: Care-uh)?

Kara Danvers: Its KARA.

Cat Grant: Our job is telling people what to think, how to feel. Did you imagine that naming her “Supergirl” was just some random jaunty idea? No, when I saw the brave inspirational hero save people’s lives I purposely selected the word “girl”. It’s a word that has been associated with youth, and naivety I re-invented it when I invented her.

Kara Danvers: You didn’t actually invent her.

Cat Grant: I attributed “girl" to something powerful and have changed its meaning forever. And what do you think is so bad about “girl”? I’m a girl, and your boss, and rich, and hot, and smart. If you perceive Supergirl as anything but excellence, isn’t the real problem with you? I also invented the phrase time suck which is exactly what this has been.  Get me a Yerba Mate. This time lets go for hot.

Kara Danvers: Alright, copy that.

Cat Grant: Oh and “KARA”.

Kara Danvers: Oh you got my name right.

Cat Grant: The next time I want your opinion I’ll tell you what it is first.

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