Episode 1: Alex & Henshaw

Possible Scene in Episode 1

Alex rushes to report to Henshaw about Kara's use of her powers.

Hank Henshaw: She used her powers.

Alex Danvers: I was coming in now to debrief you.

Hank Henshaw: You promised this would never happen.

Alex Danvers: I had every reason to believe that my assessment was accurate.

Hank Henshaw: You promised me. Promised me like when you accepted my invitation to the spring formal.  I was saving my pennies to buy you a carnation corsage. You gave me your word.

Alex Danvers: I understand agent Henshaw, but there was a mitigating factor. I…[cutoff]

Hank Henshaw: Your word, Illuminate me then Danvers, what was it, this factor.

Alex Danvers: I've seen the subject tested over the years.  Pushed to the limit, in every situation she goes out of her way to hide what makes her extraordinary. When we were in high school she fell off a ski lift and pretended to need a cast. Kara hobbled around on crutches for months.

Hank Henshaw: I love your childhood anecdotes, but when it comes to the alien [cut off]

Alex Danvers: Feelings! Her feelings are the mitigating factor sir.  She was willing to hide herself to blend in, be accepted.  But here with other peoples lives at stake she values their needs above her own emotional discomfort.

Hank Henshaw: You talk about her like she's some lost kitten when she's the most potent and terrifying creatures I've ever seen.

Alex Danvers: Please Kara's not like that.

Hank Henshaw: She's an alien, a dangerous kryptonian who's gone off the leash. Never to be confused by the color or texture of her skin.  You and I know they are the most insidious because they start to believe their like us.

Alex Danvers: The other inhabitants of her planet are different.

Hank Henshaw: Oh yeah, have you met any more of her kind.

Alex Danvers: When I was a kid, the other survivor

Hank Henshaw: Who was totally uncooperative.

Alex Danvers: I hardly call what he does uncooperative.

Hank Henshaw: He's a maverick. refuses to submit any deviate protocol. I won't take another Kryptonian wildcard.

Alex Danvers: I've got this, I'll talk to her.

Hank Henshaw: No more talk.

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