EP 3 Season 2 Begins Filming

Filming has begun in Canada for episode three today! This is a landmark episode because former Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter is set to play the President of the United States. The website is sharing some photos of the events going on up there right now. We can see Chyler Leigh's stunt double along with Lynda Carter's stunt double. More so there is a mysterious woman with red hair and a red suit. We believe we know who this is but want to flag possible SPOILERS ahead:

Episode 3 is likely titled "Roulette" and features DC's character Roulette. Roulette runs an underground fighting ring where she forces aliens and meta-humans to fight for the enjoyment of the rich and famous. Also, POTUS will be making a major announcement about new legislation coming to pass. It is the "Alien Registration Act" that allows for aliens from other worlds to gain rights as long as they live by certain rules and identify themselves to the government. This, of course, could cause backlash which is where we believe the woman in red comes in. This is likely Scorcher, a woman with the power of fire. She may be an agent of Roulette's to disrupt the Alien Registration Act. This will leave the D.E.O. and Supergirl with quite the mess to clean up and an illegal fighting ring to shut down.

As always, these elements are possible to change and we can't report them as fact but our evidence is good and we believe this is what to expect for episode 3. Either way, you can check out the photos below:

What do you think of this development? Do you think we are right about the episode? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum. Also, keep sleuthing for you and visit the support page. Thanks!

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