Ep. 2 Stronger Together Preview

If you thought that the Supergirl pilot episode was good, then you are in for a huge treat! Supergirl's second episode "Stronger Together" is an incredible follow up to the tone the first episode set. Even more so the action and story are even more polished than the first episode. Supergirl seems to settling more into its groove! The following is our SPOILER FREE preview of the 5 things to expect to see in "Stronger Together". While we all need to wait until Monday Nov. 2nd at 8:00pm on CBS to catch it, we will share some sneak peaks and trailers below. First both CBS and Global's official trailers:

What are some things you can look forward to in "Strong Together"?

  1. They will say "Superman" more than once. We know the fan base was a flutter trying to figure out of DC had placed some kind of legal handcuffs on CBS' new show. Well we can certainly say that is not the case. The multitude of monikers Superman goes by are certainly addressed but thats not all...
  2. You'll hear some more familiar DC names including Clark Kent! We won't go into more detail then that but Cat Grant's history certainly starts at the Daily Planet.
  3. There is a Krypton flashback! This was amazing! Really awesome! We can continue to add more positive adjectives for you but in the interest of keeping it spoiler free, that's all you get.
  4. The Story's pace is perfect, faster than Smallville. One attribute of the Flash and Arrow stories is that they aren't afraid of bringing in big events from the character's canon because the canon is so large. Berlanti and team seem to have no fears for Supergirl either. While no major events happened from Supergirl's canon, the pace of the storytelling is not slow. The events of this episode, if they were in Smallville, would have felt like a mid-season cliffhanger. This show is certainly a fast and fun moving ride!
  5. Character's fall into their roles much more comfortably and you can start to see the team that develops!

Next we have three special clips from the episode! Check them out:

Are you excited!? We are, this show is really kicking some butt! Let us know how excited you are in the comments below! Also, join the other fans in all sorts of Supergirl conversation in our forum!

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