Dean, Helen & Superman Trailer

Did you catch it? Chances are you didn't, she is faster than a speeding bullet. After doing a little frame by frame analysis of the Supergirl trailer, we found some very interesting facts.

  1. Supergirl arrives on Earth in her spaceship, but did you catch who finds her? I think you'll recognize that suit.
  2. Once 'he's' got her, it looks more like 'he' takes her to the Danvers, not the Danvers finding her.
  3. Next we got about just a frame or two of Dean Cain and Helen Slater welcoming Kara. We are curious if perhaps the Danvers know the big guy personally from something else.
  4. Its a nice house, and look who's in that window curious and maybe not so happy, its a young Alex.
  5. Last but not least, it looks like a heartfelt goodbye from Superman.

Today has been the biggest day for Supergirl news since Melissa wore the costume. The trailer was amazing and we couldn't be more excited. Did you guys catch the Supergirl secrets in the beginning like we did above? Let us know your thoughts and as always you can hit up our forum!

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