DCTV Gets a Barrowman

Well Supegirl fans, sounds like our universe might have just gotten a lot bigger! We went back and forth on this several times. We were not sure if this was going to be Supergirl news but it might give an interesting insight. John Barrowman, The Dark Archer, former Ra's al ghul, and Speedy's father from Arrow, just got a contract to become a series regular on all DC TV Berlanti shows according to Barrowman's character, Malcolm Merlyn, has played both sides of good and bad on Arrow and now he is getting the chance to do so on all DC TV Berlanti Shows. This, however, brings up an interesting question, does this include Supergirl? If so, how? For now, Supergirl is still on Earth-K? Earth-39, Earth-??? we don't know. Will Flash's Flashpoint merge the universes? For those that haven't seen all the CW shows in their entirety this summer gap might be a perfect time to catch up! If moving to Vancouver, where all the other CW Superhero shows are filmed and having The Flash visit Supergirl last year, wasn't reason enough to watch all the Berlanti hero shows, then giving Barrowman a contract on all shows, is another reason to start watching. Our hero universe might be four shows big instead of one! Get a Red Bull, you all have homework to do!

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What do you think Ra's al ghul can do against Supergirl? Should Merlyn be shaking in his boots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or in the forum! Also, keep us going this summer without advertisements and visit our support page, thanks!

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