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Cyborg Superman Revealed

Well, we at Supergirl.tv feel like DC Comics really dropped the ball on this one. In an episode of their previews for DCTV, DC Comics unceremoniously and rather hastely (in our opinion) revealed who was Cyborg Superman on tonight's episode of Supergirl. They only had 6 hours to go and this video pops up where you can learn about it right now. Frankly we are a little upset that it was revealed and the episode is so close. That said, we won't say who it is and respect those that don't want to know until toinght buf if you do want to know who it is, you can watch it at the link below:

Cyborg Superman Revealed Unceremoniously

Well there you have it. We are hoping for at least some surprise tonight. Comments are available below, forum is live. support if you can!

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