Crossover? New Cast? Roundup

Lots of news, and speculation have hit the internet in the aftermath of the Supergirl trailer. Its no surprise that everyone wants all the scoops and knowledge that is available. The main question that everyone wants to know now is, can Supergirl cross over with other DC shows. Here are the facts.

  1. Greg Berlanti with Ali Adler, did write the Supergirl pilot so they they could co-exist with his other properties, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
  2. Being written like that, however, is only step one. You have to remember that the networks that broadcast the shows will want to share the storylines. Basically it needs to be profitable.
  3. Finally, the other shows need to accommodate for Supergirl. Just because Supergirl can exist in the Arrow/Flash universe, that universe will need to allow for Supergirl to join in it. Timing becomes the biggest question.
  4. Supergirl brings Superman (we know from the trailer), so when Starling City is under siege from Slade, where was Superman? It can be explained, but fans won't just accept it without that explanation being there.
  5. One positive sign however, is in the Arrow Season 2.5 comics, executive producer Marc Guggenheim did mention an inside joke that Superman exists in the Arrow universe and Oliver knows of him.  It was a simple panel and presented as a joke but none-the-less, it was a reference to the big blue boyscout.

A good article that talks about all the intricacies of the Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow is this Hollywood Reporter piece.

Next bit of news, IMDB is showing another character from the pilot. Its, Rick Malverne, played by Zayne Emory. Our cursory search of the DC database didn't show the name to have any significance so we could easily suggest that he is just a background character. Our sources aren't naming him as a pivotal piece of the story but its still good to report that he should be in the pilot. Any DC Comic aficionados recognize the character's name?

THANKS TO OUR VERY OWN ealperin we might have a beat on who this character is. Apparently in the 90's Rick Malverne was Supergirl's boyfriend. Could this be who Kara is going on a blind date with?

Finally, we've fixed the behind the scenes video available two articles ago. Also, several fans have been asking for a screenshot of Kara giving the thumbs up from the second trailer/behind the scenes video. We'll attach that below.

Whether Supergirl crosses over with Arrow and Flash or not isn't really in our forefront. We are just so excited to have a show that portrays such a positive and powerful female hero. We asked you fans on our twitter account to describe the trailer in one word. Here's what we gathered:

Triumphant | Super | Awesome | Phenomenal | Giddy | Hope | Perfection | Brilliant | Powerful | And our choice was "Bright"

Do you have a single word that describes the trailer? Let us know in the comments below or visit that ever-awesome fan forum or ours here.

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