Crossover: Here's the Lowdown

Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams was able to attend the filming of the infamous Supergirl x Flash crossover episode and learned just about everything we want to know about the episode and its secrets. Spoilers may be ahead, and if you want to read the whole article, head over here. For now, here are the highlights:

The most important thing we took from the article came from Grant Gustin. Whether you wished that Supergirl was in the Flarrow universe or not, a wish for more crossovers seems highly likely. Grant Gustin said:

That’s in the cards at this point. The whole point of us doing this crossover is setting up the fact that maybe next year we can cross over all of them [Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash].

0565 crossover

As for what the Flash will get from this experience, Grant had this to say:

He’s able to realize that he has more experience than he gives himself credit for. That makes him come back with new confidence and this happiness because of this new friend that’s out there.

0565 crossover2

Kara isn't left without a benefit either. Melissa offers:

[The Flash] teaches her quite a bit about what it means to be a hero, what kind of hero she wants to be, and even personally about love, friendship, and being true to who you are. It feels really good for her to have someone to relate to.

While Barry is only in National City for a day, with very minor repercussions seen on April 5th episode of the flash, there are already talks of the two being love interests! Gustin adds:

We tease it a little bit. He’s in town for a day so there’s not really time for anything to actually develop, but there’s undeniable chemistry, and they have a lot of things in common that they’ll never have in common with anybody else, obviously. This is the first person with powers Barry [has met] who’s using them for good. It happens to be somebody that he is attracted to, so it’s cool.

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More secrets from the Supergirl x Flash crossover are available in the article at Entertainment Weekly.

Something about two dorky superheroes liking each other just makes our hearts swoon! What do you think of this new information? Are you more excited than ever? Share your thoughts in the comments below and the forum. Keep advertisement free and visit the support page!

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