Crossover Episode 4 Recap

This is it! Is anyone else hearing "The Final Countdown" in their head? Ha, but in all seriousness, tonight held the final events from the 4-night crossover event on The CW! Historically we've never heard of four shows crossing over before let alone one of those shows enjoying their 100th episode! It's really been an incredible event! Of course, tonight, our vessel for the crossover was Legends of Tomorrow. Their slightly goofier and team-based format would prove to be the perfect level of seriousness and fun tones to wrap a bow on this unbelievable journey! Here are the moments that stood out to us:

  1. Oliver's Mistake: Last night, we learned that Oliver basically lived his dream life and then suddenly remembered that his real life had nothing of what he wanted in it. So we suppose if you twisted our arms, we could understand that he wouldn't want the most powerful hero in DC's TV universe hanging around him, but COME ON! Kara is your biggest asset and even though he may not trust her yet, he trusts Barry, and Barry trusts her, so isn't that enough! Sorry, we are showing our Supergirl bias!
  2. Cisco's Mistake: So in the Arrowverse, there is a lot of emotional difficulties going on and one of the ones that hurts to watch the most is Cisco and Barry. Its like if Alex were mad at Kara, Cisco is one of the lights of the show on the Flash! One thing we keep hearing though is, "Barry did what he had to to save his family", but wouldn't Cisco have done the same thing? We hope Cisco and Barry get over this soon!
  3. Barry Allen's Bullet Grab: This was the kind of speed we love to see! It was always shown really well on Smallville and even more so on X-Men Apocalypse. Slowing things down so we, the average humans, can see how Barry can perceive the world is one of the best perspectives into being a meta-human.
  4. Cisco's History Flub: Well as we just were explaining, we wished Cisco and Barry could stop being frienemies and go back to being just friends! Well it looks like Cisco's little time travel trip was enough to give him a new perspective! Barry was ready to march himself over to the Dominator camp and let them take him away but it was Oliver, Mick, Supergirl and Cisco to stop him!
  5. Final Dominator Fight: First of all, Supergirl saves Arrow! Let's say that one more time, Supergirl saves Arrow! YES this was amazing! We feel like they can get along now! Next, it was hilarious to hear Felicity say "this looks like a job for Supergirl"! Of course The Flash and Supergirl are the only two who could tag all the Dominators! In fact, we think it was the first time we've seen both of them cover that much ground that fast! Even though they weren't together, just seeing them do the same job felt like Flash and Supergirl's chemistry is something to marvel at.
  6. The Final Goodbyes: This was a outstanding adventure in television and we were so excited to see they gave everyone an appropriate amount of time to say good bye. The Atom's joke about Kara looking like his cousin had us in stitches! Then Kara, totally using her reporter skills to help form a DEO on Earth One banishing that four-eyed monster to Antarctica was a nice touch! We also got what we were so hoping for, which was Kara gaining the ability to return at will and contact the team when she needs help! This made for a great balance between the two universes while not needing to "merge" them. In the end, Kara won over Oliver like she does with everyone, and Barry and Oliver forgave themselves and shared a drink together!

Here's "To Life Being Full" ~Oliver Queen!

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