Crossover Episode 3 Recap

Here we go again! Can you believe this week so far? We had the Winter finale of Supergirl that featured Barry and Cisco let alone a couple of kisses and Lena Luthor becoming a hero! We also got to introduce Supergirl to the Earth One crew and see just how powerful she can be by having every other hero fight against her for training! And now, we get to see the next chapter of this television history event! It is also worth mentioning that this is Arrow's 100th episode! Congrats to the Arrow team! Here is what stood out to us:

  1. Arrow Starts Fast! We know not all of our readers watch Arrow so there can be some confusion going on here in the start, but it is Arrow's 100th episode too! That said, how much did this feel like "For the Girl Who Has Everything"? Oliver gets to have a normal life with his parents still alive, just like Kara did with her parents and younger cousin Kal-El!
  2. Team Computer Hacker: We sent this out in the Tweets earlier, but when it comes to hacking alien computers, Winn Schott is an ace! We're sure that Cisco, Felicity and Curtis can figure it out, but when it comes to alien tech, we put our money on Jeremy Jordan's Winn! Heck, if Curtis is excited about alien tech, the DEO has at least two ships of alien tech to play with! (both Kara's ship and Mon-El's, that we know of)!
  3. Green Arrow: It seems like in this alternate reality, there would be a Green Arrow no matter what! This is interesting about vigilantes without powers because of how their role can transcend the individual! Just like the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride, the mantle can be passed down and onward to the next person! Just like how Diggle was the Green Arrow in the illusion.
  4. Supergirl, Barry, Maddog: Maddog clearly doesn't like the powered or meta-human, but when you've got the two biggest heroes on your side, (Supergirl and The Flash) you don't walk away! Supergirl did a great job maintaining who she is throughout last night and tonight's episode! Arrow's 100th episode did have that dark Arrow feel, but Supergirl was just as bright and sunshine-filled as she always is! Having her scene with Barry was perfect and gave us another reason why the two get along so well!
  5. Supergirl and Flash Tag Team: The chemistry between Supergirl and Flash is incredible! Or should we say Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin! The same amazing comradery that the two had in last season's crossover is still there and the way they naturally know how to work together is what makes them so fun to watch! Can't wait to see their musical crossover!

Waverider for the save! We mention this outside of our usual countdown because it all came together so fast! First, you have the Dominator ship which looked amazing and had to be bigger than a Borg ship! (Star Trek we know, we nerd on many levels). Then the swarm that chased Oliver and the non-metas. Then BAM, we hear they are making a weapon! The comic book tells us the Dominators are afraid of the meta-humans, so maybe they are the target? Join us tomorrow and we'll wrap this thing up together!

Let us know what you thought of the 3rd episode of the crossover in the comments below and in the forum! Also while Arrow celebrates its 100th episode, help us get to 1,000 articles, advertisement free, and visit the support page!

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