Crossover Episode 1 Recap

It's been months of waiting for this monumental occasion. Ever since we knew that all four shows would have a crossover event, it was all about playing the waiting game. While the regular season episodes have been incredible so far, there is just something so special about crossovers. Whether it be in the comics, movies or now tv, seeing heroes work together is amazing! On a side note, this is a monumental occasion for us too. This recap article marks our 800th on the show! But enough about us, let's talk Supergirl! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Thanksgiving Dinner: This was funny and sweet. We liked how there was an imperfect feel to it. Heroes aren't always perfect and neither are families. It was great seeing Helen Slater again! Just like Dean Cain, she has a calming effect on us! Then BAM, portal number 1!
  2. Cyborg Superman vs Mon-El: Well Cyborg Superman gave Kara some trouble, so Mon-El did pretty good holding his own in retrospect, but that was a very one-sided fight! Two things were clear though, Mon-El is having the feels for Kara and he's becoming more of a hero. He did walk back into that bar to help after the virus was dispersed!
  3. Kelex Reprogrammed: Awww, this was sad. We like Kelex and the animations for that robot are really well done! He's like the charming butler of the Fortress of Solitude and it made us sad when he was evil. We hope he can be repaired because he was like a Kryptonian teddy bear!
  4. Zor-El Returns in Projection Form: Now this was a surprise we loved! Common readers of our site might remember that we had Robert Gant pegged as our Cyborg Superman. We knew he was in Vancouver when they were filming, we were just off by a week.
  5. Mothers Always Know: Helen Slater gave another terrific performance tonight! Just like any mother, she already knew what her daughter was trying to figure out on her own. It was really good chemistry between Chyler Leigh and Helen Slater.
  6. Mon-El Kissed Kara: Sometimes it's all about how the shot is framed. We saw it coming a mile away as soon as those two were sitting that close together. The Kiss was coming! Whooo! It was something that in the back of our minds we knew was coming but now that we've seen it, we're on board. Team Mon-Kara!
  7. Lena Shows Her Evil Side: Well Lena wasn't lying about her relationship with her mother but like mother, like daughter. It looks like she is swinging back to the dark side! Kylo Ren anyone? Too bad but just like anything Luthor related, there is probably more going on here then we see.
  8. David Harewood vs David Harewood: This was a technical marvel! Very incredible to see David fight himself! Plus on top of that, you have the whole new look of White-Green Martian J'onn! They don't miss a single detail! We also liked that Cyborg Superman's mask came off again! It was incredible to see his busted up face once more! Don't forget Supergirl gave him that memento!
  9. Lena Luthor!: You stole our hearts this time. We still aren't sure if we can trust you but you earned our respect for now. You certainly should have earned Supergirl's trust but as a viewer, I am scared to give over my good feelings to Lena yet.
  10. Barry and Cisco: We had a feeling they would show up at the end and we wanted just a little more in the show this time but that's ok. Because we don't have to wait a month, we don't have to wait a week, we don't even have to wait a day, in just 23 hours, we're doing this again!!!!

Final things of note: We feel like keeping amazing things from each episode to around 10 points is more and more difficult this season! So to add to all the amazingness from tonight, J'onn is back to himself! Whew, now that is good! Maggie and Alex are finally together! Another huge milestone! And who the heck were those aliens hunting Mon-El? WOW, so much happened and so much more to come tomorrow! See you guys then!

Let's get talking gang! One down, three to go! Share your comments below and in the forum! If you can, consider visiting our support page too!

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