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We imagine that many of you watch the other DCTV shows as well as Supergirl. We are no different. Tonight we were watching the Flash scrutinizing everything trying to find that spec of a reference to National City, the Queen of Media, or Supergirl! Sadly we saw no such thing. However, that didn't stop CBS and the CW from working together and promoting the big event on the CW network. CW ran the promo below that shows a little more footage for Monday's superhero event. Check it out below:

This next video we hesitate to share. It's a pretty rough recording of Global's (Canada's Supergirl network), crossover preview. We tried to clean it up as best we could (our video editing abilities aren't that great). However, this does show an important plot point that explains a bit more of the "boy saves girl that doesn't need saving then flies away" line that we've all been obsessing over. Possible spoiler ahead: and forgive the quality, we suggest only those looking for crossover answers watch:

EDIT: Thanks to our user RaynMaykr, we've changed out the bad quality video for this much better HD version.

What did you guys think of the videos? Did they clear up anything? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Help us keep ad free and visit the support page too!

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