Crossfire Recap

It was hailed as the birth of the Guardian! This episode was going to be a big turning point for Mehcad Brooks' James Olsen and we certainly got to see it here. In fact, in the inside preview with Ali Adler, James' Guardian was compared to Batman himself! Well there was a lot of action tonight and a lot of drama, and of course some hilarious moments too! Now its our turn to try and unpack it all, here are the moments that stood out to us:

    1. Mike Matthews: Mon-El learning to be Mike Matthews and a human was hilarious, from the moment he was awakened by Kara at the DEO to heat visioning his hair, dressing him, fighting off the phone call alarms, and finally talking to a phone without answering it. We felt it was smart to show all the day-to-day things someone who isn't human would have to learn to get along in our society!
    2. Second Gang Fight: When Winn gets the info that there is another alien weapon attack taking place in National City, they dispatch Supergirl to intervene. Just like the Flash, Kara brought some mega speed getting out of the way of that photon gun! Kara's mastery of her powers is really showing this season! We know her speed was a topic of conversation in the comments earlier this week, looks like we have another example of Kara pulling a Barry Allen!
    3. Alex Pursues Maggie: It was cute to see Alex pursue Maggie in friendship or maybe more. She clearly is enamored with Maggie as a person and wants to be close to her.
    4. James First Run as Vigilantism: Winn clearly wasn't thinking that giving James inside DEO information would lead to him making a night time attempt at stopping the rogue criminal element, but why would he? James is clearly feeling like he needs to do more and with friends like Alex, Supergirl, Superman and Winn, how can he not want to get involved. We like that James is exploring this, honestly, if Supergirl were our best friend and we weren't a tech wiz, we'd want to try and do something like this too.
    5. Sister Chat: They have always been the best moments of the series, and tonight was no different. Alex goes to talk to Kara about her new feelings for Maggie and Kara comes in "too stompy" to get to Alex's issue, but just like a big sister, Alex takes care of Kara like she always does. Lena does interrupt the other half of the conversation but that comes later.
    6. Lena Luthor: In their first scene together, Lena Luthor gets Supergirl to agree to help her out at a fundraiser, appear at a specific location and force her and Kara to be in the same place at the same time! We still can't get a read on Lena, in part to how well Katie McGrath plays her, but if Lena thinks Kara is Supergirl, this is a great way to find out and test your theory!
    7. Attack on the Fundraiser: This was great, we had operation Doubtfire, Mike and Kara dancing on the floor, Kara dropping some major heat vision, James kicking some butt, and Winn and Lena working together to use tech to take out the bad guys! Winn is hilarious too when he steps out and says "We stopped it". Awesome!
    8. Finally, We Loved the Wrap Up Scenes: You get a quick scene where all the gang members die from the Doctor's weapon showing her viciousness and abilities! There is a very powerful scene with Alex and Maggie where Alex starts to look inward on herself and who she might be! You've got Winn and James making a pact to work together and make James a suit/weapon that he can use in his new quest, and finally you have a "Super" and a "Luthor" working together which leads to...
    9. THE CADMUS DOCTOR IS LENA's MOM! We did not see that coming and what a great way to twist that ending. Kara looked right at her but only Alex knows what the CADMUS doctor looks like. This little triangle just got a lot more complicated! Just where do Lena's allegiances go?

What did you guys think of tonight's episode? Did you like Guardian? Let us know in the comment below, and the forum! Also, your number one source for Supergirl news wants to stay advertisement free! Visit our support page to help us with that goal!

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