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The dust is settling. The confetti is all on the floor and the janitors are sweeping it into piles for pick up. Yesterday was dominated by the annoucement that Melissa Benoist will play Kara Zor-El on CBS's show Supergirl.  In fact, news dominated so much that it was the top trending item on twitter yesterday!

But now here we are the day after and there is a little bit of clean up on the news end we need to do too. First, congratulations flew about for Melissa.  Most noteably was from Smallville's own, Laura Vandervoort:

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Secondly, caught up with the terrific and iconic Helen Slater, the original Supergirl! She talked through getting the role as Supergirl, the pressures of playing a comicbook character, and what she would do if CBS came knocking for a cameo:

I think that would be such a thrill," she exclaimed. "Having been on Smallville and being at these conventions, the fans just love it so much. They love when there's any kind of crossover, or 'Oh my gosh, she was in the original, or he was.' I think the writing has gotten a lot smarter now ... somehow they've cracked the code or something to have a really great sense of humor, but have it still be smart and not pandering to a younger audience. It seems like something has changed.

As for her thoughts on CBS's new show:

I just have great faith that they'll figure it out in this CBS world ... they just sound super talented, so fingers crossed.

Whew, we feel like its the day after the prom. So many great memories from yesterday, but we are tired! That said, the Supergirl news doesn't stop! What do you think of Helen Slater's comments? Would you support a cameo on the new show by Helen or Laura? Comment below!

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