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Superman being on Supergirl is BIG NEWS! It seems like the paparazzi also agree as the internet is being flooded with images of Tyler Hoechlin's Superman. We've found some great images of Tyler and Mehcad together suggesting they are filming the scene between Clark and James having the "Big Talk" about Kara. Before we get the gallery up though, we've been reading your comments in the previous section and there were some sentiments we would like to echo. Yes, the show is called Supergirl and we have no doubt that the show will remain Supergirl centered but Superman showing up is a big deal. Someone said that is was like seeing an old friend again. I don't think we could have put it better. Superman, like Supergirl, reflect the best in us and seeing Kal-El on the show makes it feel warmer, like a family member has come to visit for a holiday. Secondly, NEVER BEFORE on screen has Supergirl and Superman appeared together. Yes they were together on Smallville but not in their costumes like this. Seeing them together is a landmark moment and we are very excited to experience it!

Finally, we will point out from the photos below, Tyler Hoechlin's Clark looks to have that goofy demeaner that we loved about Christopher Reeve's Clark. We predict this episode is going to be filled with smiles ear to ear.

More images available at

What do you think of Clark? Do you think he and James will have a good conversation about Kara? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum! Also, keep us advertisement free and visit the support page! Thanks

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