CBS News Hints Alura Hologram

Well, only one day a year do we really need to make this claim, but lets make sure we get it out of the way so you can read on knowing this is real. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! This is real news today. Whew, ok good. So this morning, Laura Benanti (Alura Zor-El) tweeted out a great article from CBS news covering all the great rolls she's involved in! One such roll, of course, is the part of Alura Zor-El on Supergirl. Well it was just a short snipette but because the source was CBS News, we are thinking this might have some weight behind it, check out this quote from the article:

With her recurring role as Supergirl's biological mother, Benanti is expected to appear in flashback scenes and possibly holograms.

Both holograms and flashbacks! Well this would make a lot of sense to us. Why would production hire an onsite teacher for the show if they didn't plan on utilizing young Kara and young Alex on the show. Plus if we know anything about Greg Berlanti shows, its that he loves his flashbacks, ahem, Arrow. We at, like the idea of Alura being a guiding force for Kara on Earth much like Jor-El is to Kal-El. Some of the most interesting parts of the Supergirl story is balancing human and Kryptonian characteristics.

Just to restate, this is not an April Fools joke. So that said, COOOL!!!! What do you guys think? Would having Alura be a Jor-El type figure on Earth be a good thing? What kind of things do you want to see in flashbacks on Krypton? Let us know if the comments below or in our Super friendly fan forum!

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