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Welcome late night Supergirl fans! The news is slow and we indeed are in the phantom zone of updates. BUT, that said, we don't stop for anything. Our noses for news are equal to Krypto's snout, and we don't give up! Tonight we want to talk about some updates we are seeing on IMDB. In the last 24 hours we've seen the cast and crew grow by three. First lets talk briefly about the crew updates. If seeing Owain Yeoman as big as he is wasn't exciting enough for a huge battle between Vartox and Supergirl, the Supergirl crew just hired a special stunt double for Owain's character, Timothy Thomas Brown. There really is only one way to interpret this. Owain's character, Vartox, is going to go through some epic moves! This includes both amazing powerful blows against Supergirl and incredible beat downs from Kara!

Secondly, crew has added Christina Giovacchini as set dresser. We want to note this because we want to be thorough. The addition of the set dresser was inevitable but not game changing.

Finally, we want to talk about Nick Jaine. Nick was added to the cast as "

In fact reading beyond this point may result in SPOILERS. At the very least RUMORS! Our thoughts are that Cat Co. is in trouble. Cat grant has built up an empire in National city and its worked. But just like all paper based newspapers, there is a dying effect. Technology isn't allowing for medium level papers to exisit anymore. That's why, when Supergirl reveals herself, the National Journal becomes the nations number one source for Supergirl news saving Cat co.'s business and making the National Journal (the paper Kara works for) the main source for Supergirl news!

Well we won't lie, there is much speculation there. But when it comes to speculation we back it up with sources and facts and we've been 100% right so far. We want to hear your thoughts of course. Comment below or visit our forum. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you see our fan art video where we compress 15 hours of illustration down to 5 minutes!

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