Blood Bonds: Recap/Review

It is just so good to be back with a new episode of Supergirl! While we won't lie, the break did have its perks, (mainly ZZZzzz's for our staff) we are so ready for more! Last time we had a new episode, we were left on a cliff hanger as Non and Supergirl flew toward each other. It what was sure to be an epic battle! Of course that battle ended up being amazing. But that's not all, here are the scenes that stood out to us in this 2016 kick off to Supergirl:

  1. While the fight scene was brief between Non and Kara in the beginning, it was really sweet to see that Alex was named acting director of the D.E.O. Immediately after, Kara tries to threaten Astra with Kal-El and then have Astra just swipe it away as "Kal-El" wouldn't have the stomach for it.
  2. Back on Krypton was also an amazing scene to see. Robert Gant reprized his role as Zor-El and with a calming nod of assertion, he gave the go ahead to have Alura condemn her twin sister and her brother-in-law to a lifetime in prison! Man of Steel had an amazing look at Krypton but Supergirl is also doing a great job fleshing out the planet!
  3. Cat Grant's interrogation of Supergirl was amazing! She gives up her chair and circumvents her own desk and asks Kara to sit down in it. We half expected to see a light drop on Kara at this point. But Cat walks Kara down a path questioning all of her past and the the backstory the Danvers' concocted for her. In the end, Cat still claims Kara is Supergirl. "You answered all the questions, no one does that, how do you think I caught Lance Armstrong?"
  4. Liquid Kryptonite injected into Astra ... WOW. What a great scene! We've scene the acting chops Melissa Benoist has and they were apparent again but that scene was done so nicely. While the fear was there with Kara, it still let Astra's terror shine through. It also let you see just how awful General Lane is.
  5. Cat's ultimatum to Kara. This makes a lot of sense to us. If you knew you were employing a person that could be saving people at any moment, wouldn't you feel guilty having them answer the phone or make copies? Cat really feels like she can't have Kara there working when she could be saving people. While Kara has comes to terms with who, how and when she saves people, its not a responsibility that a human employer is ready to take on.
  6. When Winn stood in the doorway and blocked Kara from going after Maxwell Lord, that was such a huge scene. The strength of character to stand infront of someone who could move you, kill you, or whatever else in a million different ways, all on the trust you have in that relationship ... Winn's character is really becoming someone in this show!
  7. Supergirl is reminded by James and Winn that a true Superhero has to learn to inspire and find a way. Just like Superman, they always find a way. This lead to that amazing scene between Astra and Kara in the Kyrptonite chamber where Astra more or less clears her sister Alura of any wrong doing and restoring Kara's faith in her mother! All because Kara was able to find a way. Writers Ted Sullivan and Derek Simon shared this awesome photo of Melissa Benoist and Laura Benanti rehearsing that scene.
    0448 rehersing
  8. Finally, how cool was it for Supergirl to see and shake hands with her herself. For the first time ever, Kara got to see herself as Supergirl! Quite a powerful moment there for sure. The way Hank has changed too, treating the Danvers almost like daughters is so touching!
    0448 hanksboots

Whew, well there you have it another Supergirl episode in the books and this one was another great one! Sadly it's going to be another week off next week but Supergirl returns January 18th with "Childish Things" featuring the Toyman!

There is only one thing left to say, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH US PLEASE!!!!!!! We are not martian and we need to know what you thought of the episode! Comments below, forum is a go!

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