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Last week the Danvers girls sat down to talk about stress, a new guy in Kara's life, and surprisingly the appearance of another Supergirl! Well today we got to see how that big reveal turned out! Hope Lauren returned to her part as the comatose girl/bizarro. As comic book nerds we loved all the homages to past comic story lines but even the casual fan had something to hold on to tonight! Here are the events that stood out to us!

  1. Flashback to Bizarro's creation: It was cool to see how Bizarro was created. Maxwell Lord really stood up to the villain stature with his dastardly evil monologue. As everyone seemed to underestimate Lord, in the scenes after, the dialogue was kind of perfect. He goes so far as to shock treatment her to get her to hate Supergirl. That was certainly something left out in the preview clips. Finally, how Lord said he was using her to protect him from Supergirl show's he is affraid of Kara.
  2. Cat acting nice to Kira: While she never calls her by her real name, it was hilarious to see Kara's face when she was gifted the latte, and even more so when she was mentioned in the staff meeting giving the staff a way to handle the Supergirl story.
  3. First Fight between Supergirls: Loved how Bizarro said, "we kill supergirl" it sounds like Bizarro in the comics but it also makes us think that this programmed Bizarro is referring to we like her and Max.
  4. Alex confronts Max: Wasn't this scene just full of darkness! Didn't it feel like it was oozing with evil! Wow we loved it. Alex can hold her own and she certainly didn't seem like she was in danger but the way Max talked to her, revealed that he is responsible without admitting to it, perfect villain maneuver! We felt this was one of the best episodes for Peter Facinelli!
  5. James and Winn share a drink: This was so refreshing to see! We loved how James and Winn shared a drink at the office. James and Winn acting as friends is a relationship we are really enjoying. We want more of this for sure! It was a few episodes ago that James kind of gave it to Winn hard calling out Winn's feelings for Kara. It was nice to see the battle tested and worn down Winn give it back to James. He likes her the same way too.
    0494 recap
  6. Second Bizarro Battle: Kara is whisked away from her first kiss with Adam only to have to battle Bizarro on the outskirts of town. The reverse of her powers was amazing to watch! Fire breath, freeze vision! So cool. When the Kryptonite hit her and she transformed into the dark looking Bizarro, her scream of "Hate You" was kind of powerful. If her backward speech is taking hold, that was confusing scream of endearment.
    0494 recap2
  7. Final Bizarro Fight: Synthetic Blue Kryptonite! Just typing it is exciting because it opens up the world of different colors of Kryptonite to future episodes! The fight choreography was amazing too! Our favorite effect was when Bizarro was hit by the blue Kryptonite and her cracks lit up blue too! We also had the feels when Bizarro apologized to Kara. It was sweet to see how Kara never thought that Bizarro was a monster. Shows how Kara is always the hero.

Specials notes. We realized that we didn't really mention much about Adam and Kara. It's not that it was bad or anything but it didn't stand out like Bizarro did to us. Sometimes the obvious answers are so hidden in this show it makes us feel shameful. Of course Cat would be nice to Kara. She wanted to keep Adam in National city as long as she could and if Kara could do that, then of course she be nice to Kara. Also, the James realization of his own feelings for Kara was also a point of importance but didn't stand out like the Bizarro stuff did. We think we are going to give the award of stand out performance to Maxwell Lord's Peter Facinelli and Bizarro's Hope Lauren today for making us feel for Bizarro and seeing a true villain in Maxwell.

What did you think of Bizarro? Did it stand up to your expectations? Comments are available below, and the forum is a go!

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