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We are on a quest to make's best of the best list! We started with which episode was the best and the votes were impressive! The winner with a little over 30% of the votes was, "Falling"! A close second with 22% of the vote was "Worlds Finest" and taking the bronze medal was "For The Girl Who Has Everything" with 11%. We also had almost a thousand voters so this sample size is pretty darn accurate! Now, we want to know which villain will accompany "Falling" in our best of the best list! Whether you want to vote because of the villain's strength, deviousness, cunning, or just likability doesn't matter to us. We are just looking for the best villain of the season! To help you in your choice, we have attached the villain list video below. We've also added a few of our own choices. So get going, there will be more best of the best to come!

Voting closed. Thank you for participating.

Do you agree with which episode was the best? Who are you going to vote for in the villain poll? Make your case in the comments below and in the forum. Also, keep running this summer and visit our support page. Thanks

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