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Here are the results of the "Best of the Best" polls we've been running for some time now. As many have noted, we've had some trouble with the polling system. Early on there were some security concerns then we updated the system but had some back end issues with the database. All in all, we are working on correcting the issues so we can continue to have polls. One thing is for certain though, people are passionate about this show! The opportunity for the show to keep going on The CW is only getting bigger and brighter with this kind of support. You can check out the results so far below:

Best Catesgory: Winner Runner Up Third Place
Episode: Falling Worlds Finest Better Angels
Villain: Red K Supergirl Maxwell Lord Astra
Relationship: Kara & Cat Kara & Alex Kara & James
Scene: Alex Confesses to Kara About Astra Kara Vaporizes Red Tornado Cat Hugs Kara
Supporting Character: Alex | Cat Tie Alex | Cat Tie J'onn J'onzz

Now we want to know from you guys, is there a poll you'd like to see? Anything as long as it pertains to the site rules and season 1. Give us your suggestions in the comments:

Let us know what you'd like to know is the "Best of the Best" in the comments section. Share your thoughts on the show in the forum! Also, help us keep advertisement free and visit our support page!

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