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The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Andrew Kreisberg, an Executive Producer on all of the Berlanti DCTV properties, and talked about the four shows. Mr. Kreisberg dished out some incredible teasers for The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and most importantly Supergirl! Here are a few excerpts from the article and a photo of Andrew Kreisberg (wearing our favorite T-Shirt).

The most gratifying thing for me is we talk to family friends' daughters who are so beyond excited for this show, in a way you normally see boys excited for Star Wars and Batman. I've seen young girls so excited for this. They've never really had anything like this going back from when they did Wonder Woman … That's really gratifying. For all of the talk about girl power and our goals, children are going to get that glimpse of something they haven't had before.

Kreisberg continues discussing the use of the name 'Superman'

I think the couple of times it was said, it was cut. It's not like Simpsons where Bart can have one 'damn' per episode. There was originally a flashback sequence [with] Dean Cain and Helen Slater, and a much longer scene where he's talking about Superman. It's one of my favorite moments of shooting the pilot was seeing Dean Cain talk about Superman. It just kept making me gush. But with the third episode coming out, it's very much about Superman's place in the world, and Kara's place in the world, and why isn't Superman going to be on our show every week. That episode has a lot of discussion about him.

Whew well there you have it. If you have seen the pilot and were concerned at all the references to 'Superman' without hearing 'Superman' that seems to just be a coincidence. On top of that, how about that Dean Cain scene!!! At the very least can we beg to have that on the Blueray extras?

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Lots of great news today! We'd offer a penny for your thoughts but we are advertisement free, so if you're willing, share your thoughts below or in the forum! Happy Supergirl Wednesday!

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