Adventures of Supergirl ch 8

These kind of Monday's are going to be so precious to us this summer. We can already feel it. While the "Time Since Supergirl Flew" clock continues to tick upward, our sole source for more stories of the Girl of Steel come from from the companion comic "Adventures of Supergirl". Today chapter 8 hit the digital shelves with an all new story. If the chapters have felt compartmentalized to you so far, they certainly aren't now. Writer, Sterling Gates has started to weave together all of this plot points directing the reader to a more devious arc against Supergirl. Vril Dox, Rampage, Psi are all pointing to something bigger and badder for our Maid of Might. Be sure to read this chapter and put on your speculation hats to see where this story might go. Check out our preview images below:

0625 aos

0625 aos2

0625 aos3

Feels good to have a new issue out today. Being almost 14 days since a new Supergirl episode is starting to take its toll. Are you in that same boat? Comments are below, new forum is even further enhanced (we updated this morning) and if you can, consider visiting our support page and keep us advertisement free!

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