Adventures of Supergirl ch 7

This is the comic for all Supergirl fans hands down! As a fan of the show and a casual reader of Adventures of Supergirl you will love this story as it advances Kara's journey and ties together some events from other issues on the comic. As a HARDCORE Supergirl fan who has read every Supergirl book, watched every movie, and even collected every comic, you will delight in all the references to other Supergirl stories in this issue. Just about every costume Supergirl has ever worn is either shown or referenced and the call backs to past stories had us jumping out of our seats! As we all know, Supergirl's finale episode is tonight and afterwords, we'll be without new episodes for a while. If you aren't already, we HIGHLY encourage you to start picking up Adventures of Supergirl. Sterling Gates and his team will be our refuge during the hot Summer months. Count on to cover every issue, as we have, during the Summer. For now, check out these preview pages from Adventures of Supergirl issue 7.

0612 aos

0612 aos2

0612 aos3

What did you think of Adventures of Supergirl chapter 7? Did you catch all the references? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and in the forum. Help keep going during the summer and visit our support page. Finally, come on already we are giving away a Supergirl Premium Format Figure! Its amazing! Enter Here!

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