Adventures of Supergirl ch 5

Its a Super Monday again! Even more so its an Adventures of Supergirl morning! Chapter 5 of Sterling Gate's companion comic book has hit the digital shelves! (coming to real shelves too see here). This marks the conclusion (at least for now) of the Vril Dox story line against Winn! When we started reading this adventure, we weren't sure how we would feel seeing so many artist drawing different chapters of the book. Now that we've seen three artists take up the pencil, we are loving it! Its like getting a new flavor of Supergirl each time a new artist joins in. The consistent tone in the writing from Gates keeps rotating art feel grounded yet each artist is bringing their own interpretation of Kara Zor-El that is simply elating us. Check out some preview panels from this chapter below and if you aren't already, you'll want to start reading Adventures of Supergirl right away!

0571 aos

0571 aos2

0571 aos3

0571 aos4

Beautiful art! Love seeing Kara is so many variations! What did you think of today's issue? Comments below, forum is a go! Consider helping keep advertisement free by visiting or support page!

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