Adventures of Supergirl Ch 1

It's everything we hoped it would be and even more! Today, the Adventures of Supergirl digital comic was released! As you know, Sterling Gates is at the helm writing the companion comic with art by Bengal (for the first three chapters). We were hoping that the comic book would make us feel like we were in the world of CBS' Supergirl and it totally does. This is going to be so much fun reviewing these digital firsts before new episodes air! So lets get to the review!

Disclaimer: Our review needs to be a little different than our recaps of episodes. The stories in the digital comic are for purchase and we can't go spoiling the story; for one, because that sucks for readers, and two, its more illegal than the show since the show is free broadcast and this is for purchase only. So while we can't report on the story we will give a detailed review on look and feel.

  1. Melissa Beniost's characterization of Supergirl is fully felt. As you all know, while Melissa does embody Kara Zor-El, its the writers combined with her portrayal that makes Supergirl, well, Supergirl. Because of that, when you remove the real life medium you are left with the writer's portrayal of Kara and Sterling Gates does this to a certainty. He must have worked with the writers on the show to get the tone and feel of Kara because its like Melissa is represented on the page.
    0483 aos1
  2. Bengal's Art is astounding! Some would say they want the likeness of Melissa Benoist represented on each cell of the comic. That would make it feel like the show. Well realistically, that isn't possible for a few reasons. One, Likeness rights need to be purchased. You can't have Melissa Benoist's likeness without permission. Two, you'd have to pose quite a few shots with Melissa to get the likeness down. Same goes for the other characters too. They don't have time to be doing the comic as well. Three, that amount of detail takes TIME and these issues come out fast! So with the likeness argument put to rest, you have to ask what is the next best thing, and that's Bengal's art. It is filled with action, bright colors and fun, cute expressions. This is at the heart of why we like Melissa as Supergirl and it becomes very easy to see her in the comic through Bengal's bright and cute styles.
    0483 aos2
  3. No CG budget means more action than you've seen on the show! One of the hallmarks of Supergirl is it's movie like CG effects week in and week out. That, however, comes at a big cost! In this book, there is no special effects cost and with it you get to see ACTION like never before. Kara smashes a car, is thrown through a helicopter and is hit out of a football stadium! That scene alone is three episodes of CG budget. You won't leave feeling a lack of action.
    0483 aos3
  4. There is heart too. While the comic book form does allow for more action, Sterling Gates doesn't miss the heart of the story either. With references to Alura, Alex and Superman, there is every bit of heart in this book as well.
    0483 aos4

The only thing we wish is that the format were bigger. We wanted DC to give this more time and or budget so we could get new 20 page chapters a week instead of 10. The pacing of the story is right but after 10 digital pages we were left craving more. We suppose that if your one major critique is that you've left your audience craving more, you're off to the right start!

Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 1 is available now on Comixology. Pick up your copy digitally and let us hear what you thought of the issue right here on!

What did you think of the first chapter of Adventures of Supergirl? Did think it felt like the show? Share your comments below and in the forum!

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