5 Supergirl Flicks During Break

Well here we are. Only two days until Christmas yet another 12 days until a new Supergirl episode. Many of you have done a great job DVRing or recording the show for multiple viewings. While that is the best choice for getting your Supergirl fix, some of you might be new to the character and want to expand your horizons. So if that is you and you're looking to learn about Supergirl in other storylines and media, we've got you covered. The following are our 5 Supergirl picks/flicks to watch during the holiday break:

  1. Batman Superman Apocalypse: This is a WB animated film and it holds a very special place in our hearts. This story is based on the 2004 run of Batman Superman comics that reintroduced Supergirl to the DC comics world. Drawn by the late Michael Turner, this series was how many of our staff was introduced to Supergirl. The movie, Batman Superman Apocalypse, is a great way to get that story all summed up in a quick animated movie. Best of all the film includes the best voice acting cast in the DC universe! Kevin Conroy as Batman, Tim Daly as Superman, and Summer Glau as Kara Zor-El.
  2. Little Girl Lost, Superman Animated Series: Superman discovers Kara, the last survivor of a Kryptonian colony named Argo, who takes the identity of her cousin and becomes Supergirl. Anxious to fight crime like Superman, Kara soon gets more than she asked for. She and Jimmy Olsen stumble upon a teenage Intergang operation, led by the sadistic Granny Goodness.
  3. Smallville, Fierce: Kara desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control. Despite his warnings, when Smallville's annual "Miss Sweet Corn" beauty pageant comes around, Kara signs up and meets the competition; Tyler, Carly, and Tempest, three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule. Meanwhile, Lana returns to Smallville and wants to re-start whatever romance she had with Clark. What makes this one stand out on the list is the complete 180 feeling Supergirl has here than she does on our CBS show. Very big contrast!
  4. Justice League Unlimited, Fearful Symmetry: Supergirl, with the help of Green Arrow and The Question, investigates the nature of her disturbing dreams that have her committing murder. This is the episode the introducest Galatea, a clone of Supergirl that more resembles Powergirl. This origin story of a clone Supergirl could come in handy in future seasons of our CBS show.
  5. Justice League Unlimited, Far From Home: On her 21st birthday, Supergirl is transported to the 31st century along with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, to help the "Legion of Super-Heroes" combat "The Fatal Five". However, according to future sources, it is a mission from which she does not return. This episode is kind of sweet and puts a believable happy end to Kara's journey. While not like our show on CBS at all, the logic behind this episode and Kara's fate make a lot of sense.

These 5 episodes/movies are a great way for you to get an eclectic taste of the Supergirl story. CBS is doing a great job making it their own but they of course draw on the previous cannon and that is why these selections will make you a better informed Supergirl fan!

What are your thoughts? Did we get it right? Are these choices the ones you would have made? Let us know if the comments below and the forum!

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