5 Reasons to watch Supergirl

Whether you're an old fan, new fan, casual observer or someone that just stumbled upon Supergirl, chances are you've been putting your ear to the ground to hear if this show is going to make it into your TV viewing schedule, or at the very least onto your DVR. Well here are 5 reasons why Supergirl is going to rock your socks off!

  1. Melissa Benoist: The beautiful 26 year old actress is certainly a Hollywood star to watch. She was even named first on's stars to watch this fall! Glee fans know Melissa can sing. Whiplash fans saw Melissa prove that she could be serious and expanded her range. But most excitedly is what we've seen from Melissa in the extended trailer. Melissa gives us the very definition of "adorkable". She has been able to fall into that "every-girl" persona so perfectly which is such an amazing counter to the power a female Kryptonian. Its almost a better definition of the Clark Kent/Superman duality.
  2. No Foreplay: No, we don't mean it like that. What is great about Supergirl is that Kara develops her hero persona in one episode. Don't get us wrong, we loved Smallville but it was 10 years of build up to see the actor wear half the suit. In just the trailer, we've seen our Girl of Steel don the epic costume!
  3. CBS Means Budget: With the powers of a Kryptonian, Supergirl is going to demand some intense special effects. Its already be stated that the CW had to pass on the show because they couldn't handle the budget. With Supergirl being on CBS, we can expect consistent and movie quality effects. The pilot alone cost $14 million!
  4. Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler, Andrew Kreisberg and Sarah Schechter: Talk about a dream production team. If any crew has proven they can make quality superhero television, its these guys! With associations to The Flash and Arrow, viewers can expect quality superhero storytelling episode to episode!
  5. Supergirl is Bright: In a world of superhero movies and shows where everyone is striving to add a little more "Batman Begins" darkness and make their heroes tortured souls, Supergirl dares to answer the question, "what would it be like if a hero was just like everyone else". Kara, even with her extraordinary powers, chose to be a normal person and try to fit in. She has a strong adopted family base, and friends she can rely on. Supergirl is really someone we are all going to root for!

We're sure you could name many more reasons you're going to watch Supergirl. Let us hear them in the comments below or share them in our universally awesome fan forum!

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