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Technically Supergirl hasn't even debuted yet but we at are already setting plans for at least 5 seasons. Granted, we have seen the pilot (legally) and of course we have this site so we might be a little bias, but push that aside because we know these 5 events are all plot points every Supergirl fan would kill to see!

  1. DARK SUPERGIRL: There is a certain "duality" about this show which viewers will see in the very first episode (if you have seen the pilot and know what we are talking about, please don't ruin it for others). Dark Supergirl is a pivotal point in the character's debut in 2004 when master artist Michael Turner reintroduced the character in Superman/Batman #8. One thing that is undeniable from the trailer is that Melissa Benoist's Supergirl is the brightest and purest hero we've seen on the TV screen. How AMAZING would it be if we saw Melissa portray the exact opposite on the show? What if somehow (black Kryptonite) they were separated and had to fight? Our mouths' are already drooling.
  2. POWERGIRL: Just as strong as Supergirl, and even more bold (just look at her costume) Powergirl is essentially an opposite older version of Supergirl. Well they are the same person just from different dimensions! A Powergirl/Supergirl episode would kill the Nielsen Boxes. Each could learn from each other in a way both desperately need. Supergirl can learn from the older wisdom of Powergirl, and Powergirl can gain some of the youthful hopefulness that Kara has in spades. If we had 12 fingers they would be crossed 6 times already!
  3. SILVER BANSHEE STANDOFF: This would be the absolute best. A question we hear a lot while covering Supergirl is, "who is Supergirl's Lex Luthor"? Well, in the Supergirl run from 2004 until just before the launch of the New 52, Supergirl has always had trouble fighting Silver Banshee. On one hand you have a Kryptonian female who is just as powerful as Superman (maybe more), and on the other, you have a demon possessed girl who's powers are based in the only other weakness Kryptonian's have beyond Kryptonite, Magic. Talk about a battle of the century!
  4. SUPERMAN VS. SUPERGIRL FIGHT: This, arguably is one of the main reason's Supergirl is our favorite hero of all time. The possibility that a Kryptonian female not fully raised on Earth could be more powerful than "THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE", simply gives us chills. While Kara does look up to Kal-El as a roll model, in the comics, they don't always have the most "understanding" relationship. Even if its just an arm wrestle and Kara flips Kal-El into a brick wall we will be jumping with joy! Kara's potential is boundless and her human reservations pale to that of Kal-El's. We are all Girl-Power for this one!
  5. FLASH VS. SUPERGIRL, RACE FOR CHARITY: We love Grant Gustin. He has defined, in 2014-2015, the optimistic Superhero show. That said, Melissa will take the cake this season. We are begging CBS and CW to play well together and let the Flash and Supergirl cross over. We are working on something that might help that along but more on that later. Having The Flash race Supergirl in charity is simply a win, win, WIN for CBS, CW and us fans. It could be a two part episode with one on CBS and one on CW. In fact, have you ever wondered way CBS put Supergirl on Monday? Doesn't Flash air on Tuesday and Arrow on Wednesday? We'd say they are aligned for a great crossover already!

BONUS 1, WONDER WOMAN TRAINING: This would melt the internet. We know that the big three (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) have strict rules about TV appearances, but what if Batman coordinated a kidnapping of Kara right out from under Kal-El's nose and Wonder Woman whisked her away to the Amazonian island to train her in the ancient ways of battle? Well it happened in the comics in 2004, its not unreasonable for us to hope to see it on TV... Ugh we know, its a stretch, but its why its our 1st bonus!

BONUS 2, THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES AND BRAINIAC 5: When it comes to Brainy and Supergirl, we melt like Twilight fans at the end of the fourth book. This is a love written in the stars! We want to see the epic romance of these two as a series finale but only because we love Supergirl in National City so much. Its our bonus #2, because we love our heroes in this century, not a millennia from now. Oh, and talk about a budget increase! So while this is the ultimate end love story, we will reserve this for the finale of finales!

Well what you do guys and gals think of our list? Are these events/battles you'd like to see in the Supergirl TV universe? Let us know in the comments below or send hit our the intergalactic awesome forum!

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