4 Things to look for in Ep. 4

We are only 4 days away from seeing Supergirl's 4th episode and we want to tell you about the four things you should be looking forward to! So besides watching another new Supergirl episode and seeing Melissa fly around saving National City with the help of her friends, James, Winn, Sister Alex and D.E.O. Agent Henshaw, you'll be excited to see (spoiler free):

  1. Supergirl get tested! Not like she was when we saw her in the second episode working with the instruments at the D.E.O.'s disposal. This is a completely different kind of testing. We won't say more than that!
  2. Lucy Lane is a much larger presence than she was in the last episode. Expect her to have many scenes with several characters. You will also learn why she is in National City and what her job is!
  3. This episode's villain isn't a meta-human or escaped alien. In fact, the real villain is actually ...
  4. We learn that two of our characters are much more than they seem and its incredibly awesome! You won't see it coming!

There is actually a lot more to look forward to this episode but we wanted to keep it at 4 to go with the theme. That said, Winn is great in this episode and provides some wonderful and comedic scenes with young Carter Grant! Join us for our live tweet session and heck follow us already on Twitter for up to the second updates! @Supergirltvsite!

Are you excited for "How Does She Do It"? Did our 4 things to look forward to get you ready for more? Let us hear your comments below and in the forum as well!

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